Our Ambition

We have the ambition to facilitate a data-driven, global marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers empowering trade through reduced costs and increased convenience.

Say goodbye to
analog ship procurement

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Purchase Requests
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Full Integration
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What you click is what you get

Discover and source from the Source2Sea catalog with clear Item descriptions, product specifications and transparent pricing.

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Fewer wrong orders

Get 20% performance uplift and empower your crew to choose from an assortment of products, ensuring they get the right items at the right cost.

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Less back and forth

Reduce your order cycle time from 35 hours to 1 hour. With instant and online pricing, zero code cracking, and leverage smart ordering features  to save time and energy for core vessel operations.

End-to-end marketplace for maritime supplies

Ordering on Source2Sea is simple, fast, and available in most major ports.


We enable buyers and sellers to trade digitally with transparent prices


We facilitate the catalog management


We offer integrations to all leading Fleet Management Systems

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An unprecedented catalog at your fingertips

What you click is what you get

Product images help you find what you need fast and reduce the chance of incorrect orders.

Stop guessing

Transparent pricing with full product specifications.

Compare products quickly

Standardized units of measurements and delivery information.

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Product page, including images, price, package quantity, and more
Assortment catalogue with various categories of products from Source 2 Sea
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A complete catalog

Better search, filtering and more supplies across more categories

Search for products in Frozen, Dry, Fresh Provisions to Deck and Cabin.

Get what you need where you need it

Our large port network brings products directly to your hub or ship.

High quality items and specific brands

Choose from specific brands and quality products across multiple suppliers.

All your requisitions
and orders in one place

Go to work. Open your Source2Sea marketplace. And you have everything you need in one place.

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Integrate with your existing Solutions

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Integrated to leading Fleet Management Systems

No need to learn a new tool

No need to learn a new toolWe offer integrations to all leading Fleet Management Systems – while we constantly push for further value add. With RINA Digital Solutions and Shipnet, we have taken the partnership a step further with the introduction of a Punch-Out catalog that allows shipping companies to access Source2Sea’s online marketplace and supplier catalogs without leaving the SERTICA or Shipnet platform.

Available ports

Source2Sea is available in most major ports today.
We are rapidly expanding to new ports very soon.

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