About Source2Sea

Message from management

Mikael Weis, CEO


"The demand for digitization in the marine industry grows rapidly and at Source2Sea we are building our solutions in partnership with our clients, to close the gap between traditional business and technology”.

Our Ambition

We have the ambition to facilitate a data-driven, global marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers empowering trade through reduced costs and increased convenience.

Source2Sea – built on the principle of ‘What you click is what you get’ - is the go-to, online, sourcing marketplace in the global ship supply industry. We are an open multi-supplier marketplace facilitating ship marine procurement and supply between maritime buyers and suppliers through online customer-tailored product catalogs. Source2Sea streamlines the way shipping companies get their ship suppliers spanning contracting, procurement, payment, and delivery.

Source2Sea aims to empower crews and purchasers as well as incentivize suppliers, all while reducing costs and increasing convenience, transparency, and automation throughout the eco-system.

The marketplace is developed in close collaboration with and for leading industry players on both the supply and demand sides. Source2Sea is built without leaving anyone out. Global provisions, stores, bonded and spare parts – Source2Sea takes pride in facilitating a broad range of products and solutions, offering purchase and order insight, track and trace, data analysis and benchmarking.

Source2Sea is an independent legal entity, founded and funded by the Wrist Group.